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SKE Construction's pre-chlorinated pipe bursting method…

allows municipalities to complete water pipe rehabilitation/ replacement services in the most cost effective and time efficient method currently available in the market.

Customer benefits include:

  • Considerable time savings compared to open cut methods, significantly decreasing customer impact and site and surface restoration.
  • Minimal affects to traffic patterns in the construction area. Lower environmental impact than traditional water pipe rehabilitation/replacement services.
  • Decreased costs to the municipality responsible for maintaining the pipes, which ultimately lowers consumer costs.
  • Ability to increase the original line diameter by several pipe sizes, increasing the capacity and operational life span of the new installation.
  • Total pipe replacement, including the installation of a new line which is structurally independent of the original line.
  • Increased worker and site safety due to minimal excavation requirements.
  • Ability to replace asbestos cement pipe without having to adhere to special removal procedures.

"Thank you for bidding our projects, and completing your contracts on time and under the contracted amount. In my 25 years of working with various construction companies, I have experienced very few that are willing to go the extra mile for their client the way that your team consistently has on our projects."
-Meran Dadgostar, Engineer, City of Highland Park Texas

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